Men’s Mental Health

Men’s mental health in the UK is at crisis point. Three quarters of suicides are by men, it’s the biggest killer of guys under 35. Other statistics are just as stark. Men are 3 times more likely than women to become alcohol dependent or abuse illegal drugs. The majority of prisoners, rough sleepers and missing persons are male. A Government wellbeing survey revealed that many men aged 45-59 didn’t feel much satisfaction with life. Alongside this too few men feel able or willing to ask for help. Where has it all gone wrong with the modern British male?

Your Time To Talk

Men’s mental health is in
the news: I believe that the time is right for society to address
these problems. Your Time is a private therapy group for men to talk
through lifestyle, social and mental health issues. It starts from
the belief that no man should have to feel that they are alone and
that by talking we can help ourselves, each other and our loved ones.
Everyone benefits from a society where all are working towards
happier, more balanced men who are at peace with themselves and the

Time is a social enterprise where a proportion of the profits will
fund counselling and social activities aimed at the poorest and most
vulnerable in our society.